Events Window

This window allows you to view and manage recorded events. By clicking on the Import button at the top of the window you can also use saved video files to generate events and register people.

Event Filters

You can filter the events based on the following criteria. The first 5 filters are always visible, while the others become visible when you click on the Expand Filters button.

Event Archive

All the events that match your specified filters will be listed in the bottom half of the window. All listed events will display an image of the person who triggered the event on the far left of the listing, the reference image for that person in the Identity Directory (if available), information about the event, and an image from the event along the right (if available).

You can right click on any of the event face images to reveal the following drop-down menu:

Note: For all events triggered by people registered to your Identity Directory, there will be a View person activity button just below the event information that will take you to the Person Activity Window.

You can sort events by the following criteria:

You also have the option to group events by the person that triggered the event by selecting Group by: Person on the right side of the window. If you instead select Group by: Event, then the events aren’t grouped by person and will instead only be sorted based on the sorting criteria that you have selected.

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