Events Preferences

The Events Preferences tab allows you to enable and configure event reporting and event replies. Every reported event contains start and end times as well as information about where it occurred and who or what triggered it. The location of the event is indicated by the site and source labels, which can be defined for each camera. Events are stored in the Event Archive and can be easily retrieved in real time or on demand for search and analytics. Events are reported promptly as they occur and when they end. Events are updated as a better understanding of what they represent becomes available.

Report Events

Enables event reporting. Event reporting enables SAFR to log and track events over time and gain additional insight into your SAFR system and usage patterns.

Listen for Event Replies

Remove Events

Enables removing of events according to the preferences selected within this section.

Remove Identities

Enables removing of identities according to the preferences selected within this section.

Event Biometric Indexing

Sets up biometric indexing on events. Biometric indexing is required to allow event searching by image on the Web Console’s Events Page or the Desktop Client’s Search by Image Window.

This setting is only visible to users with CONFIG_PRIVILEGE or SUPER_CONFIG_PRIVILEGE privilege levels. See Manage Users Preferences for information about user privilege levels.

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