People Window

This window allows you to view and manage registered people.

Clicking on the Add button at the top of the window allows you to manually add identity records.

Importing and Exporting

You can import a saved facial image into the Identity Database by selecting Import… from the menu in the upper right-hand corner. You’ll then be prompted to select the image file on your computer’s hard drive whose image you want to import.

Similarly, you can export a facial image from the Identity Database to a saved image file by selecting one or more identity records and then selecting Export… from the menu in the upper right-hand corner.


Groups are a way to group enrolled people however you find useful. You’re able to define however many groups you want, and an enrolled person can be added to multiple groups, if desired. To manage groups, select one of the Groups-related options from the menu in the upper right-hand corner. Selecting the Manage Groups option brings up this window:

Groups can be created or deleted by clicking on the + or - buttons, respectively. Each group has an Enable face recognition toggle which specifies if people included within a group will be recognized by SAFR. If a person only belongs to groups where face recognition is disabled, then SAFR will fail to recognize them when they appear on video feeds, and they will be labeled as “Strangers”.

Access Clearance

The Access Clearance functionality (located in the menu in the upper right-hand corner) is currently intended for internal use only.

People Filters

You can choose which people are listed in the bottom half of the window by specifying any of the following filters. The first 4 filters are always visible, while the others become visible when you click on the Expand Filters button.

Identity Database

All the people in the Identity Database that match your specified filters will be listed in the bottom half of the window. Any people that have an Id Class of “Threat” will be outlined in red, while any people with an Id Class of “Concern” will be outlined in yellow.

You can click on the icons on the right side of each identity record to reveal the following drop-down menu:

You can sort the people based on the following criteria:

Identity Attributes

Some of the identity attributes are exposed in the default view of the Person Window, but if you double click on people’s faces, you can view and configure all the identity attributes. Note that most of their identity attributes will be empty until you manually enter the information.

Access Control

Internal use only.

Additional information

Enrollment information

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