Search by Image Window

This window allows you to use facial images to search either the Identity Database or the Event Archive. The Search by Image Window is only available on Windows.

Accessing the Search by Image Window

There are 5 ways to access the Search by Image Window.


Search Image Panel

You can click on Select Image to select an image file saved on your hard drive. After selecting the file, you’ll be prompted to choose which face within the image to use for the search.

You can click on the Set candidate list size button (indicated with the red arrow) to adjust how many potential matches will be displayed.

You’ll now select what type of search you want to execute by choosing one of the Search scope options and then clicking the Search button.

Candidates Panel

The middle panel shows the possible matches for your search query.

The candidates can be filtered based on ID Class, Person Type, and/or Age by clicking on Show Filters. The blue numbers below the candidates show the percent match. You can interpret the percent match values as shown below.

You can click on any candidate to get more detailed information on that candidate in the comparison panel.

Comparison Panel

In addition to seeing the selected candidate’s attributes shown above, you can perform additional tasks by clicking on Actions.

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