Camera Preferences

The Camera Preferences tab allows you to add, remove, or configure cameras connected to this Desktop Client. Cameras that have already been automatically discovered are displayed here.

SAFR normally auto-detects all integrated (built-in) cameras, USB-connected cameras, and IP (internet protocol) cameras that support the ONVIF (Open Network Video Interface Forum) protocol as long as they are present on the same network to which the Desktop Client is connected. For more about ONVIF and the ONVIF specification, see the ONVIF home page.

ONVIF Cameras

Camera Preferences

To configure a camera, select any of the connected cameras in the left panel. If you need to add a camera, see Connect Cameras to SAFR. When a camera is selected, a set of preferences will appear on the right of the window. Which preferences are exposed depends on what kind of camera is selected.

USB Camera Preferences

USB cameras have the following preference settings.

Ximea Camera Preferences

Only available in Windows.

Note: Ximea cameras can connect to SAFR only if you selected the Ximea camera extension when you installed SAFR.

Ximea cameras have the following preference settings.

IP Camera Preferences

IP cameras have the following preference settings.

Additional Options

Click + to manually add an IP camera.

Click - to delete the configuration for manually added cameras. This option is not available for auto-discovered cameras.

Exporting enables you to create a copy of a camera configuration. Exporting saves a camera configuration to an .acc file in JSON format.

Importing enables you to import a copy of a camera configuration. Use this feature to copy a camera configuration from one SAFR system to another.

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