View Video Feeds Status

Video feeds status provides real-time monitoring of the Desktop Client, the Mobile Client, and the VIRGO client within an account. While VIRGO clients support both remote monitoring and configuration, the Desktop and Mobile Clients only support remote monitoring and must be configured locally in their GUI.

Note: This feature is available with the Web Console or on macOS Desktop Client installations.

Enable the Desktop or Mobile Clients for Remote Monitoring

Both the Desktop and Mobile Clients can be enabled for remote status monitoring and remote viewing.

To enable those clients for remote monitoring:

The Video Feeds Status Window (aka Processor Status Window)

The Video Feeds Status (or Processor Status) window can be accessed from the SAFR menu of the Desktop Client for macOS and from the Web Console Video Feeds page. It displays real-time status of all VIRGO, Desktop, and Mobile Clients enabled for status reporting.

The Live Status Video View

The Live Status Video view can be accessed by clicking the View button next to an active feed in the Video Feeds Status window. You can display the Live Status Video view for all active VIRGO clients and for all Desktop and Mobile Clients for which you have enabled Allow Remote Viewing.

You can simultaneously view live status video of as many feeds as you like from a single remote viewer. Only one viewer of the status video is allowed at any given time, however.

The Live Status Video view is displayed at low frame rates (~1 frame per second) and is intended for cursory inspection or monitoring. Full fidelity live video view, including recognition overlays, is available only in the video feeds window of the Desktop and Mobile Clients to which the camera is connected.

The top of the status video view displays the Account, Client ID, and the Name of the video feed.

On the right-hand side of the view, overlaid text displays additional information about the feed.



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