Occupancy Report

The Occupancy Report describes how many people were in one or more monitored areas during one or more discrete time periods. The report relies on SAFR’s direction of travel feature, so the camera(s) that the Occupancy Report uses should be positioned such that people are either moving directly away, directly. towards, directly to the left, or directly to the right of the camera. See the Desktop Client Camera Preferences documentation for additional information about the direction of travel feature.

In addition, the following preferences must be set for the report to work:

Input Parameters

Generated Report

You can download the generated Occupancy Report as an *.xslx file by clicking on the download symbol in the upper right corner.

Occupancy Per Area Report

Below is a sample “Occupancy per Area” Occupancy Report. Entries where the occupancy levels reached yellow or red alert levels will be highlighted in the appropriate color.

Traffic per Source Report

Below is a sample “Traffic per Source” Occupancy Report, where each row of the report represents a single video feed. Note that overall occupancy isn’t a meaningful concept when looking at single cameras; instead the report only shows the number of people that traveled into or out of the occupany monitoring area.

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