Occupancy Areas Editor

The Occupancy Areas Editor is used to manage occupancy monitoring areas. An occupancy monitoring area represents a physical space where SAFR is monitoring how many people are in it.

Occupancy monitoring areas rely on SAFR’s direction of travel recognition feature, so the camera(s) that the occupancy monitoring areas use should be positioned such that people are either moving directly away, directly towards, directly to the left, or directly to the right of the camera. See the Desktop Client Camera Preferences documentation for additional information about the direction of travel feature.

In addition, the following preferences must be set for the occupancy monitoring areas to work:

Occupancy Reports and Occupancy Alarm Dashboard use occupancy monitoring areas to generate their output, so you must define at least one area to use them.

Define New Occupancy Monitoring Areas

To define a new occupancy monitoring area, click on Add New Area in the upper right corner:

You will be prompted to enter the following information:

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