SMS Watchlist Alarms Dashboard

The SMS Watchlist Alarms Dashboard allows you to create and manage one or more alarms that, when triggered, will send a Short Message Service (SMS) message to one or more specified recipients.

Before this dashboard can be used, you must first configure SAFR to send SMS messages. This is done on the Web Console’s Status Page.

The Dashboard

When you click on the SMS Watchlist Alarms Dashboard on the Web Console’s Reports Page, you’re immediately shown the dashboard. The dashboard consists of a list of all the SMS Watchlist Alarms that you’ve defined. You’re able to individually enable or disable the listed alarms. Clicking on a listed alarm will allow you to edit its definition. To define an entirely new alarm, click on the Add New Alarm button.

SMS Watchlist Alarm Definition

When you create a new alarm or edit an existing alarm, you’ll use the alarm definition dialogue shown below to configure the alarm.

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