Traversal Dashboard

Displays traversal durations of individuals along a defined set of cameras. This dashboard highlights individuals exceeding expected traversal times and can be used to identify suspicious activity or general slow-downs (i.e. congestion) in real-time or time-frames in the past.

To use this report, you will either define a path when you input parameters or you can use an already defined path. A path is a list of 2 or more cameras. Thus, a path might consist of a set of cameras monitoring a causeway or a set of cameras monitoring all the entrances to a warehouse.

The dashboard requires that either SAFR is set to auto-register people or that viewed people are already registered in the database. Auto-registration is typically done by setting cameras to the Learn and Monitor video processing mode in the Camera Feed Analyzer window in the Desktop Client. In order for auto-registration to be sucessful, the facial images should be high quality and at least 220 pixels wide. This can be achieved by using high resolution cameras with sufficient zoom to capture faces.

Input Parameters

Generated Dashboard

Below is a sample Traversal Dashboard. Note that you can download the dashboard as an *.xslx file by clicking on the download symbol in the upper right corner.

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