Web Console

The Web Console provides administrators and operators web-based access to the SAFR system. It allows you to make changes to your account, manage the Person Directory, view events in the Events Archive, manage video feeds, and generate reports.

Access the Web Console with a Cloud Deployment

To access the Web Console with a cloud deployment, do the following:

  1. Go to the Products tab of the SAFR Download Portal.
  2. Click on the System Console link located under the first listed product, SAFR Cloud.
  3. Log in using your SAFR Cloud Account credentials.

It’s also possible to go straight to the Web Console login page located at https://safr.real.com/console.

Access the Web Console with an On-Premise Deployment

To access the Web Console with an on-premise deployment, you can click on the SAFR Admin Console icon that’s automatically installed on your desktop on any machine where you’ve installed the SAFR Platform.

Alternately, you can also access the Web Console using a web browser:

Use the Web Console

The first time you open the Web Console, it will automatically open to the Status page. Along the top of the page you’ll see the following 5 tabs along the top of the page: