Trigger Audio Alerts

You can use SAFR Inside to trigger an audio event using the AXIS camera’s Events and Rules engine when a face is detected that isn’t wearing a mask or PPE.

  1. Make sure there are speakers plugged in to the Axis camera; the camera doesn’t have any onboard speakers.
  2. Open System -> Events in the Axis camera app menu.
  3. Create and name a new rule.
  4. Select the Application -> SAFR - Face Mask Not Detected condition from the list of available conditions.
    Note: SAFR Inside must be running for the SAFR - Face Mask Not Detected condition to appear in the list of conditions.
  5. You may select any audio file that has been uploaded to the camera via the AXIS camera’s Settings -> Audio tab.
  6. If you’re using a long audio clip (e.g. more than 10 seconds) you should consider setting the wait between actions value in order to avoid having the clip play multiple times on top of itself.

Sample Audio Alert Sound Files

Here are several sample audio files you could use as audio alerts:

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