Configure SAFR Actions

In SAFR an action is essentially a script/macro that communicates a desired action in a language/protocol the receiving device or system understands. It can be written in any language supported by the computer where Actions Relay Event Service (ARES) is installed. It only needs to be invocable as an executable directly or through the use of another executable (usually a script interpreter such as Python).

Actions Components

These are the principle components involved with actions:

SAFRActions.config Overview

Below is a summary of the schema used to define actions. See the SAFR Actions documentation for more detailed information of actions and actions’ schemas.

<name: value connection attributes>
rules: [
    event: {  },
    triggers: [
        <time of day and week properties>
        actions: [  ],
        reply: {  },
        conditionalReply: {  },
    excludeDates: [  ]
noTriggerReply: {  }
emailDef: [  {  }, {  }, ... ]
smsDef: [  {  }, {  }, ... ]


Send email when visitor arrives during work hours.

Log all events to a CSV and send one type of email for a known person event and another for a threat event.

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