SAFR Guides

SAFR Documentation

The complete SAFR documentation. Contains documentation for all supported OSs and SAFR components.

Video Recognition Gateway (VIRGO)

Scale your deployments with our video and event daemon system, which runs on a POSIX-compliant system. Included with both SAFR Desktop and SAFR Platform.

Actions Relay Event Service (ARES)

Dispatch-configured actions in response to events. Included with both SAFR Desktop and SAFR Platform.

VMS Integration Guides

SAFR has customized integration with several 3rd party Video Management Systems (VMSs). Below you can find instructions on how to install and operate the available custom SAFR VMS integrations.


The SAFR SDK is a set of shared libraries that collectively implement an object tracking mechanism, face recognition, and event reporting. The SAFR Embedded SDK can be used when the facial recognition software needs to run on a device with limited resources without any internet or cloud connectivity. SAFR also exposes REST API which can be called remotely or locally to access a wide variety of SAFR services.

SAFR Inside

SAFR Inside is an embedded version of VIRGO, running as an integrated application on the AXIS Q1615 Mk III and AXIS P3255-LVE cameras. Connect the AXIS camera to a SAFR Server to perform real-time face recognition.

Solution Guides

These solution guides are complete end-to-end SAFR use case scenarios. They describe ideal camera placement, relevant SAFR features, and optimized SAFR configuration for the given use case.

Other Resources

Below are miscellaneous additional resources.