Attendance Log Solution Guide

This solution guide describes how to set up SAFR so that it can be used to record attendance to an event via a self-registration kiosk. New arrivals will go to the kiosk, click the screen to wake it up if necessary, and wait for their name to be displayed. If recognition occurs, then a welcome message is displayed. If recognition does not occur, then the user is prompted to click on the purple oval around their face to register themselves.

For simplicity’s sake, this guide assumes that you’re using a SAFR Cloud License. If you’re using a SAFR On-Premise License, you’ll also need to install and manage the SAFR Server.

Required Hardware and Software

Required Hardware

Required Software

Create Registration Kiosks

For every Android tablet that you’re using, do the following:

  1. Download and install the SAFR Mobile installer for Android from the SAFR Download Portal.
  2. Allow SAFR to take pictures and record video when prompted by the dialog.
  3. Enter your SAFR credentials when prompted.
  4. Tap on the visual processing mode (the text enclosed in the green rectangle) and select Registration Kiosk from the pop up menu.
  5. Choose whether to use your tablet’s default camera (i.e. the camera pointed at the tablet’s operator) or its front-facing camera by tapping on the camera selection icon (outlined by the blue rectangle). Because we want users to see and interact with the tablet’s screen, select your tablet’s default camera.
  6. Configure your client’s preference settings by tapping on the hamburger icon (outlined by the red rectangle), and then selecting Settings. You’ll be taken to the preference menus; you can change which preference menu you’re configuring by selecting the appropriate icon along the bottom.
    Configure the following settings:
    • Account Menu:
      • User Source - This setting usually represents the name of the tablet. Enter an appropriate name for each tablet.
      • User Site - This setting usually represents the name of your entire facility. This can be useful if, for example, you have multiple stores scattered across the country.
    • Events Menu:
      • Report events - Enable.
      • Include Unrecognizable Events - Disable.
      • Include Stranger Events - Disable.
      • Include Speculated Identity Events - Disable.
  7. To prevent unauthorized access to the tablet, lock the screen by tapping on the icon outlined by the purple rectangle.
  8. Your tablet can now function as a registration kiosk.

Test Your Registration Kiosks

To make sure your registration kiosks are functioning correctly, do the following:

  1. Show your face to a registration kiosk and wait for a purple oval to appear around your face. You should also see the text “Tap face to register” below your face.
  2. Tap your face. You’ll be prompted to enter your name.
  3. Enter your name and tap Register.
  4. Hide your face from all registration kiosks.
  5. How your face to a registration kiosk and wait for a green oval to appear around your face. Your name should appear at the bottom of the oval.
  6. You have now verified that your registration kiosks are functioning as expected.


To create a report that summarizes the attendance data for the day, do the following:

  1. Go to the SAFR Web Console, located at
  2. Go to the Reports Page by clicking on Reports near the top of the page.
  3. Click on Attendance Dashboard.
  4. You’ll be prompted to enter the parameters for the report. You can accept all the default parameters.
  5. You’ll be presented with a dashboard that is automatically updated every minute with the latest data for the day.